How do I auto-activate the creation of wordpress multi sites?


How would I auto activate a website package for a free trial user using Pro-Sites? I can't seem to have websites auto created.

When users sign up here: they are able to create a user name, and enter their subdomain, but it doesn't get auto activated. How do I enable this?

Also, how do I allow users to create a password at the signup page?



  • Peter

    I understand that to Auto-Activate the creation of a free website, the user has to select "No thank you, I will continue with a free site for now".

    But is there add a Free Website that auto-activates as a Free Level? I initially thought that I could add a Free Level within the Pricing table.

    My objective is to first sign up all users with a free basic website and upsell them. The layout to executing these seems clunky and unfriendly.

    How can I make offering a free website with limited ability easy to sign up?

  • Nastia

    Hello Peter ,

    Hope you are doing well!

    The Pro Site has already a built-in free level that as it seems is already activated on your site. The Free level that you have created already.

    When a free trial is activated, billing credentials are required. Once the user will insert them it should take a little time to process them and the site must be activated automatically. Though if you are using Manual payment Getaway, all sites must be approved by the administartor.

    I've created a free site on your installation and it was activated right away. Would you please confirm that the same happens from your end?

    How can I make offering a free website with limited ability easy to sign up?

    By enabling modules from Pro Site > Modules, you can limit different site's features, like
    - Upload quota
    - Limit the plugins/themes options that can be used on a free level
    - Limit number of post and pages and more

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Kind regards,

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