How Do I Automatically Upgrade A User To "Pro"

I have installed Pro Sites, and I was wondering how to automatically trigger a pro site upgrade for a user once payment is submitted.

I do not wish to use the PayPal option. I wish to use the payment processor I am already using.

Is there some type of CRON job or link or something I could trigger to let the "Pro Sites" plugin know to upgrade a user to "Pro" status?

I tried linking like this:

But I believe that only triggers the system to show/hide the pro site upgrade option.

I know there must be some automated way to do it since it works with Paypal, I just can't find any documentation on how to set it up manually with my current payment processor.

Josh Cope

  • Vaughan


    you can't do it like this. you will need to create a payment gateway for prosites to work with your existing processors API.

    i would start by looking at how the paypal gateway is done in pro-sites/pro-sites-files/gateways/

    then copy that file & create your own for your gateway and change existing code to work with your gateways API.

    If you can't do this yourself, we do have a jobs board where you could advertise for a developer.

    If you tell me which processor you are currently using, i could add this to the feature requests, so hopefully it could possibly be included in a future release.

    hope this helps

  • Josh

    Thank you for the fast response!

    Is there a way to trigger a Pro Site setup independently of the processor?

    Here's why:

    Once the purchaser's payment is processed, they are added as a member to my member's area. This is all handled with my current setup & integration with my payment processor.

    They are then given a link to setup their site with my wordpress MU installation.

    Therefore, is there a way to modify the link that allows them to setup a site on my MU installation to go ahead and set them up as a "pro site"?

    i.e., wp-signup.php?pro-site=1 or something like that?

    I don't need Pro Sites to verify that they've paid. I can do that with Wishlist (my membership plugin).

    Josh Cope

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