How do I call a variable from a plugin to use in a theme?

I'm trying to make a progress bar that uses variables from a plugin. This is the code that I've been trying to get to work:

<dd class="quiz_progress" title='<?php echo sprintf( __( '%s out of %s questions', 'wp-pro-quiz' ), $index, $questionCount ); ?>'>
	<div class="course_progress_blue" style='width: <?php echo esc_attr( $quiz-percentage ); ?>%;'>

The variables $Index and $questionCount I got from these lines from the plugin:

<div class="wpProQuiz_question_page" <?php $this->isDisplayNone($this->quiz->getQuizModus() != WpProQuiz_Model_Quiz::QUIZ_MODUS_SINGLE && !$this->quiz->isHideQuestionPositionOverview()); ?> >
						<?php printf(__('Question %s of %s', 'wp-pro-quiz'), '<span>'.$index.'</span>', '<span>'.$questionCount.'</span>'); ?>

Is there a way to make a progress bar using those variables? If so, how can get those variables over into my own theme?

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

P.S. I've uploaded my current progress to:

I've also given you site access.