How do i centre the three images equally ? CSS

How do i center the three images on this page equally? and ensure that they scale to fit the page (responsive when browser page size reduced i.e. keeps 3 images side by side) then when below 580px (or mobile device size it shows one image below the next?)


Support access granted - if needed



  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello again Tom!

    First of all you'll need to change image alignment - float them left (in your editor change image alignment to left), also you'll need to set a rule in your css file that will resize images accordingly to the screen size, like this:

    .alignleft {

    This should set them in one line. To center everything you need to wrap all the images in a <div> element and set it's margin like this

    margin 0 auto;

    where 0 are top and bottom margins (change them as you wish) and auto is left and right.

    Hope that helps.


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