How do I change renewal dates in membership?

I have set up Membership and added all of the members but when I add a subscription to their account it sets the renewal date as the date it is when I add the subscription. I need to set all renewal dates to a certain date like September 1 for all members. How can I do this? Also, can I set Membership up to allow members to pay membership in 2 different payments one by September 1 and the 2nd half by January 1?


  • Albert
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    Hey there @mccawphoto

    I hope you are having a great day!

    Currently, the only way to modify the expiry date is by editing a table in your database. The one you want is:

    Note that if you have Membership active on a sub-site, the table will have the sub-site prefix like so:

    However, while this will modify the expiry date for your subscriptions, it won't communicate back to the payment gateway for scheduled payments

    So it would be best to set access levels to Finite if changing in the DB directly This will require that your users renew manually though.

  • mccawphoto
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    What about this idea? If I set up my site as a dripped content site could I create a subscription that has 2 levels. Level one could be for 6 months and Level 2 could be for six months. Would that work to allow my users to pay their yearly membership at 2 different times and in 2 payments?

  • Patrick
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    Hey there @mccawphoto

    Terribly sorry about the delay here. Concerns for family health issues have kept me away from the forums quite a bit these last few weeks.

    Yes, if the content access rules are identical for both levels, then the transition from one to the next would be seamless for the user.

    The only thing that would happen really is that they would be charged for the next level. So your solution sounds ideal. :slight_smile:

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