How do I change the default page template for my store?

So far MarketPress is working great. My issue though is that I want it to use the "full width" template when product is displayed. It works fine for the /store page, but on products it's defaulting to the sidebar page template. Is there a place that I can specify what template to use for all dynamic pages of the plugin?? Any help is greatly appreciated, i have a client on my back to get this completed. thanks.

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi Bill,

    Welcome to the forums!

    In the marketpress package, in the marketpress-includes/themes folder you will find a text file called Themeing-MarketPress.txt. This file gives you a lot of information on how to change the default layout of your store pages.

    For example, the file shows that you can make a copy of you full-width page template file and call it mp_product.php to force MarketPress to use this layout instead of the sidebar template. And of course, as it is a whole new page template, you can customise it to look however you want.

    Go take a look at the themeing instructions and you'll see all the other MarketPress pages you can theme too!

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