how do I change the language of my WPMU to Spanish?

How does one create blogs whose themes and dashboard are in Spanish?

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    You should be more specific. Anyway, if you didn't install Wordpress yet, and you need the spanish language for the whole site (front and back end) you may want to download the localized version of wordpress here :

    Otherwise you need to download the mo/po files from the repository here and edit the wp-config.php file by editing the line:
    define ('WPLANG', 'es_ES');

    If you want the users to select the dashboard's language, this is the plugin you want :
    It allows to have the front-end in spanish and let the admins/registered users choose the language they want.

    As for the themes, you have to translate the text in the theme's file and/or if it has a .mo/.po file you can use the Codestyling Localizationplugin or use a language file editor like PoEdit or GetText. You may want to make a child them for this job because when the theme will update you may lose and your hard work.

    More info in the Codex:

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    Hi Alexandregn,

    In this cae, you should follow these steps :

    1. first install wordpress in the language you prefer. I like the english version because I don't have to wait for the updates to be translated in French. This is great in case of critical update. Also there are other reasons you would prefer an install language, for instance the SiteMetas etc..

    2. Activate the multisite feature

    3. Install all the languages you want

    4. Create your sites

    5. For each site one by one, go to the dashbord and then to Settings > General > Site language. Here you will be able to select the language you want.

    You can have Site1 in Danish, Site2 in English etc...

    If you are familiar with SQL, you may want to edit the languages directly in phpmyamin.
    You have to look for the option_name WPLANG, in all tables named [prefix]_options.

    There is one table for every single site. for instance if your prefix is wp, you will get tables called
    wp_options, wp_1_options, wp_2_options and so on...

    A blank value will likely set the language to english if it's your default install language - at least in my local dev environment. You need to change the value to the language code you want, for instance fr_FR for France' french.

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    Hi Alexandegn,

    You're right. You just need to copy the file to the /wp-content/languages folder.

    The you have to change the language on a per site basis in the dashboard (Settings>General>Site Language).

    Additionally, you can set the global language in Network Admin>Settings>Default Language.

    Feel free to ask if you need more details.

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