How Do I Change the Layout of Individual Pages?

OK, I am manually building a site with Spirit based on my dev.

On the Dev, pages (like this one: have the standard wordpress provided page content section, then a section below it with three regions (two code and 1 text) to provide extra information.

The point of doing this is have finer control over the elements and of how they look in mobile.

The page layout on this page is limited to only this page -- which is exactly what I wanted.

When I started building out the live site, I repeated this process on another page ( However, the region added at the bottom of that page was repeated on every page in the site. As this site is live, I had to delete that and build it all in the standard WP Page entry -- losing control of the specific elements in the process.

How can I make a page template -- or adjust pages individually -- so that the layout and content is limited to that specific page? I was able to do this on my dev site, but I am unable to do so in the live version and I can't see any Upfront setting or option that will allow it?

Any help appreciated.