How do I change the link structure of my moved WP ?


So I’ve been working on a new website that was located in a subfolder : to replace an old site located here :

Once the new website was done, I asked my server guy to make a change in Apache so that the “” domain name points to the new site’s folder on the FTP (let’s say it’s var/www/aaaaa/newsite).

So now, I can access the new site when I type “”, which is good.

However, all the link structure is still based on the old links… Aka when I click on the contact page, the link is not “” but “”, which is a problem.

How can I change that so that all the link structure is “” and not “” ?

I suppose it’s .htaccess related but I don’t want to try crazy stuff since the website is in production.

I also did not touch the “WordPress Adress” and “Site Adress” in WP Settings to avoid causing trouble.

What’s the best, quickest, simplest way to proceed ?

Thanks A LOT in advance,