how do i change the membership level for all users

Hi, I just imported 2000 users in my multi site wp.
Wordpress and membership are working well but it seems that i have to change the membership level for each user one by one... (now they are just members but not for the membership plugin (no subscription and no membership level)
My goal is just to select them all (all wp members ) and to change the membership lelve by one click (or one sql request if easier)
thx in advance
best regards
G Vincke

  • aristath
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    Hello again @gvincke,
    I have notified the plugin developer on this one, hopefully he'l be able to help us out by providing a function that can make this easier, or an SQL query.
    Please keep in mind though that plugin developers have a lot of responsibilities so this might take a bit longer than a normal ticket.


  • Eugene Manuilov
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    Hi @gvincke

    The easiest workaround is to use bulk actions. Go to All Members page and:

    1. Click on checkbox in the header of members table, by doing it you will check all checkboxes for all members on the page.
    2. After it select Add Subscription action from Bulk Actions drop down and click on Apply button.
    3. You will be redirected to a form where you will be able to select new subscription plan for those users.
    4. Select a subscription and click Add button.
    5. Go to next page and repeat these steps for all pages.

    Although this is semi-automated way to do what you want, this approach will take less time, then if I develop custom solution for you.

    Does it make sense for you?

    P.S.: SQL query is not an option because it is not enough to just add records to database table.


  • gvincke
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    yes it makes sense but it is a huge work, there is no options on the all members page (to change the number of users on a page (20 max))
    so i am limited to 20 users per page.. and with 2000 users on 7 sub sites it will be 100 page per site X 7 to change with bulk action...
    thx for the info it's better than nothing

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