How do I check if a custom plugin works correctly with a new version of Wordpress


I am working on a few custom plugins-- now one major concern is how to check if a plugin works with a new version of wordpress (as it is released)... Can you let me know how you people(at WPMU Dev) take care of this? Is there some kind of process to follow, to check/verify that a plugin works with a new version of Wordpress? Something that can be programmatically done? I.e. some kind of plugin that basically checks if an existing plugin works correctly with a new version of wordpress? If not programmatically, how do you folks do this? You must face this issue whenever a new version of wordpress is released-- how do you people check if your huge number of plugins work correctly with new releases of wordpress?


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    hiya @Arvind

    thanks for posting.

    there isn't really anything special, it's basically a matter of viewing the changelogs & getting on the wordpress mailing lists. see

    there you can find info & feeds for latest developments.

    but other than that, it's just a matter of downloading the latest beta releases of wordpress, then installing the plugins on the various betas, right up to the final release. if the plugin breaks on the final release, we simply fix any bugs we find or that get reported.

    The beta's help, but you just need to remember, they are betas, so they maybe buggy themselves, and what breaks your plugin, might not be the plugins fault but the beta's fault. so it's usually a matter of testing fully when the final release is available.

    hope this helps.

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