How do I clone a website in my WPMU install ?

I'm using the plugin "Blog Templates" to create template blogs for my users... I'm trying to provide them with different but quite similar version...

One very useful function that I cannot find is a way to "duplicate" a website (like some template - OptimizePress p.e allow to do with pages), so that I can duplicate a site, add a few mods and then save it as a template using the "Blog Templates" plugin.

Is there a way to do that ?

If not, I'm sure that it would be a very useful plugin for a lot of people, what do you think ?

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**STAFF UPDATE** You can now clone sites within your WordPress network with Cloner!

Read all about Cloner on our introductory blog post :slight_smile: New From WPMU DEV: Cloner, the Site Cloning Plugin for WordPress Multisite