How do i code a commision compensation plan that does the below requirement with the affiliate plugi

How do i code a commission compensation plan that does the below requirement with the affiliate plugin. Actual code will be most helpful. Thanks.

1. When someone pay $25 a month to join our affiliate program. i want them to receive 100% commission on the people they recruit the very first month and then 50% on the months after that. Then i want them to also be able to get a 50% matching bonus check on of what their affiliate is making.
in addition we want to have one global marketplace that all affiliate can see our products and when they do this we want to give them 50% commission on each products.

$25 = 100% Product for the first month only
50% Products/blogging membership fees.
50% Marketplace/Training
50% Matching Bonus

Note: the first month sell of 100% commission is not added in matching bonus%

here: is a good example of a company with similar comp plan

***Pass UpSell: When someone recruits someone that upgrade to a higher level. The person only makes a (50%) commission based on their level
eg. if i am an ($25) affiliate at the Level 1 blog ($25/month) and I recruit someone that upgrades to Level 2 blog ($50/month). This affiliate should only make should only make 50% of $25 which is $12.5.

*** Matching Bonus Check:
a. 1 Level Only

*** All Affiliate first have to have a membership level before becoming an affiliate.

  • Alexander

    Hi @7mcity,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Interesting project you have here. This really isn't something we could provide code for as it would really be a full on custom development project. Right now it designed to give commission on one payment as a reward for customer referrals. Adding these levels, and recurring referrals would be a significant extension to the Affiliates plugin.

    We don't undertake custom development work ourselves. However, we do have a great number of members that have a lot of experience in that area, and we strongly recommend you check out their profiles on WPMU Jobs:

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,

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