How do I *completely* uninstall MarketPress?

Hello all you beautiful people,

So I was trying to modify Marketpress....Annnnnd I broke the plugin.

So I tried just deleting it and reinstalling it.

The problem is that some remnants of the previous install remain. And it's still broken.

How do I completely uninstall Marketpress so that I can try again with a fresh install?

I imagine this involves databases or SQL or something, neither of which is my forte.

Explain it to me like I''m a five year old.

Gratitudinally yours,

  • katypurviance

    Hi David,

    Well, there's actually a LOT of modifications I want to make, but I think I'm going to need a MarketPress wizard to work that magic for me.

    What I was doing was simply changing some termss. Mine is an educational site, so I was going through the files and replacing these words:

    Store .> Course Catalog
    Product -> Course
    Author -> Facilitator
    Publish Date -> Offered on
    Category -> Subject
    Sales -> Students
    Shopping Cart -> Office of the Bursar
    Order Status -> Enrollment Status

    I wish there was an easier way to customize all of the terms, but I just went through all the marketpress files until it seemed like I had changed all the terms.

    Except what I think I did is accidentally changed some of these words in the functions themselves...which is what broke the plugin. I think.

    So, when I uninstalled and reinstalled, I saw that all of my Store URL Slugs were still set. Which is okay, but that's how I knew that the plugin hadn't been completely deleted.

    But now, when I go to the Products test courses don't show up.

    Egad. I should just start over, right?

  • katypurviance

    Oh Solostrength, I wish I could say that I was able to completely uninstall. The Ghost of MarketPress caused me a number of problems. For example, even though I had deleted the plugin, I could still see my test products when I clicked on my Blog tab...but I couldn't see my blog posts!

    In the end what I had to do was do a fresh install of WP in a new folder. Luckily, this happened on a test site in a test folder, so now my new install is in a folder called Test2. While it's possible to export your site content so that you can import it in a new install, it only exports your site content. But, since this a new site with complex features, I had almost no content, just a lot of plugins, structure, and settings. So I redid it all yesterday. Whew.

    It's just part of the game, y'know? Best of luck to you!

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