How do I configure the membership plugin? In the network admin or my main website?

Hi, I am having some issues configuring my main membership plugin. I want to allow users to sign up to my site for free offering them 1 free blog and a paid service offing unlimited blogs.

I want all users to be able to use all buddy press features as well, however when I set up membership plugin I am getting confused between the Network admin Dashboard and the website dashboard the membership plugin is set-up on.

Do I need to set-up the membership plugin on the multi-site in Network Admin or do I need to activate the plugin from the main site.

The reason I have not network activated the plugin is because I don’t want to bloat out the dashboard for my customers, I am under the assumption that if I network activate the membership plugin it will also be available and activated for every user who signs u to my site and creates their own website.

Thanks in advance.