how do i configure your pop up plugin

your pop up plugin is lacking in many features. I need it to fade in on load, it will contain a gravity form and artwork, please can win a ticket to my event, event poster on left gravity form with name,email,country on the right. When clicked gravity form completes and returns thank you notice.

your pop up is not compatible with gravityforms THE biggest WP form plugin ever.

How can I do this:

1) Get gravity forms to display and function properly

2) Have form fade in nicely instead of glitchy load

3) Have it centred with a nice white background

Please give me full instructions to these 3 questions!!

my demo page:

  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi @Ricardo,

    Welcome to the Forums!

    1) I presume you are using a shortcode provided by Gravity forms in your PopUp to achieve this? If so, have you tried using the Footer Loading or Custom Loading method? To try it, go to the PopOvers > Settings menu and set the Pop Over loaded using setting there to either Page Footer or Custom Load. Let us know if that helps.

    2) I'm afraid the plugin doesn't currently use the fade-in method... but i agree it would be nice. I'll pass this onto the developer to see if we can add this as an option.

    3) The plugin can do centred with a dark background by default. To do this, in the settings for the individual PopUp, activate the "or use Javascript to resize and center the popover" option, then set the "Use Style" to "Dark Background Fixed". To make the dark background white, you could replace the 16x16 background image used by this method with a plain white one. The file to replace is located at:


    I hope that helps!

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