how do i control access to certian plugins?

im a super admin and i understand i should have complete control over my network. however ive been having an issue with restricting plugins.

i set up a test site to see what would happen when i installed a plugin(not network activated, just installed).

when i install a plugin, weather or not i network activate it, it shows up in the test site. when i try the pro sites premium plugin restrictions and set the levels nothing changes.

now remember, i never network activated these plugins…just installed them. even after setting levels in pro sites and using WPs Advanced plugin manager and multipress user management….the plugins are STILL showing up.

am i missing something? i thought not activating plugins network wide ment they stayed on the super admin dashboard.

currently the only way to remove the plugins from the test site(which havent even been network activated may i remind you) is by completely deleting them. which means i( the super admin) also cant use them.

when i network activate the plugins…they disappear completely from the main sites plugin dashboard and the test subsites dashboard.

when i network deactivate them again…they magically show up…in both dashboards.

i want to restrict plugins because there are certain plugins i dont want users to even see let alone have access to them. like for ads and branding. mainly the plugins i use to run the network there on.

i would please like some instruction on how to restrict plugins please. im using prosites. do i as the super admin have to have an “account” with myself?

please keep this thread ongoing. if your not going to respond more than once please dont respond. im looking for serious support for this issue.

i know there is something im either missing or done wrong and if anyone else has had this issue please tell me how you fixed it.