How do I control the size of the featured image for blog posts?


What is the best way to control the size of the featured image of a blog post? Currently, when I post, the featured image shows up as a FULL size so it is very difficult to see the list of blogs underneath.

I tried looking at the CSS style setting but I dont see any options for the feature image (or maybe I missed it?)

Thank you very much for your guidance!

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Calvin!

    First up, just a piece of advice for keeping your site running well. You should always optimize your images before you upload them. The featured image in the post you posted a screenshot of, for example, is 10.5 MB in size, with dimensions of 5400 x 3600 px. Even if you're displaying that image at a smaller size, the entire full-sized image will still load in your users browsers. If you have ten blog posts with featured images of this size on a page, that's 100MB users have to download. Considering your whole page should only be a few hundred KB, that's a massive size.

    To optimize, use an image editor ( is free) to resize your images, and use the "save for web" option. This will ensure your pictures still look fantastic, without hurting the load times of users on slower connections.

    This will help with your Upfront issue, as well. If you start with an image that's reasonably sized, you won't have to wrangle so hard to make the image fit the featured thumbnail area.

    Hope this helps!