How do I convert fb "locale" to plaintext "country" and "language"?

I'm using BP1.5.1 and Ultimate Facebook... I notice there's a really sweet way to map FB profile data to BP signup info. Two questions:

(1) If I'm also using AutoChimp to connect WP/BP to my MailChimp account, then will profile data get all the way from Facebook -> WP/BP -> MailChimp?

(2) Facebook has "Location" but that's just the latest check-in spot for a user... and then it has "locale", which is a pair of ISO codes for country and language ...

I would like to have PLAINTEXT country and language (i.e. country "The Netherlands", language "Dutch"), rather than the ISO codes "NL_du" or whatever...)

Any way to get from one to the other? Or to extract country name from facebook in a more human-readable way?

Many thanks,

Aaron Sylvan