How do I create a booking capacity?

What custom code can I add to make it so that people cannot over book any services?

I'm trying to make A+ work for one of my small, reservation-based restaurant clients and I need to ensure that they aren't overbooked for any given time.

Their capacity varies per day and staff presence, so they would need the ability to alter the capacity per day (which I can teach them how to do once I understand the code).

  • Vaughan


    you can only set the capacity for each service.

    so unfortunately you can't really have variable capacities on different days.

    you could create different services for each day with different capacities, but you would pretty much need foreknowledge. how are you preventing people booking in advance? for instance. if this week you had your calendar set for capacity of 50

    then 50 people book for 3 weeks on tuesday. you can't lower the capacity for that tuesday when it arrives because you already have them booked.

    but if you create 7 services representing each day of the week. you could do it that way, but it wouldn't be ideal. appointments+ wasn't designed to be used for something like this. creating a different service for each day would be highly confusing for customers & not really workable

    hope this helps

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