How do I create a branded affiliate website program?

We have an ecommerce site (actually a WPMU Network site) within our own Network. We have dealers who sell our products and would like to create a branded affiliate website program.

Specifically we would like our dealers to have a subdomain (subdirectory) within our WPMU Network and what they get is a copy or mirror of our ecommerce (woocommerce) site but with their branding at the top of the site. This way we can keep one master inventory and it automatically updates and sales from their affiliate website gives them credit and what not.

How might I go about doing this?

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    The problem with that approach is keeping each sub-site in the network in sync with the main site & updated with regards to specific WooCommerce elements like product sales, inventory, pricing, new products, etc.

    That is not native to WordPress multisite, and would require some major custom work.

    An alternative (likely a whole lot less headachy & less costly) could be to display a custom banner on the main site depending on the affiliate ID in the referring URL.

    Our Affiliates plugin adds such an affiliate ID for each affiliate. Granted, this too would require some custom coding to integrate with WooCommerce; here's a developer guide to help out with that:

    I hope this helps! Please do let us know if you need more help with this.

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