How do I create a directory listing with multi-sites?

Hello Vinod,

This is the idea I’ve been wanting to complete but unsure of how or what plugins that I should integrate to get this idea off the ground.


I want to create a WP website with a modern, clean fresh look aimed at getting restaurateurs to sign up. This would be a monthly membership and for this I would like to provide them the following:

Offer 3 / 4 packages:

Package 1: Listing on Restaurant Directory WP Website (Initially offered for free with coupon, pay monthly or annually w/ discount)

Package 2: Listing PLUS auto setup of their own website. They pick domain (if they don’t have one, transfer if need), pick their theme (Client to pick from 10 CUSTOM designed WP RESTAURANT THEMES – based on cuisines that I’ll supply.

Package 3: Listing, Website AND Online Order System. This should be able to integrate into the theme that they purchase OR be able to be an iframe (?) onto their own existing website.

Package 4: Custom – alcarte. Maybe they want a website and online ordering only or listing and online ordering, etc. (not to sure about this option) or they want to upgrade their restaurant listing to featured.

Some things to know:

1. Subscription based Restaurant Directory WP Website needs to be CUSTOM designed and created for this project. I have a data base of 300k of listings ready for import. Need custom import plug-in or we could tweak an existing one to fit my needs. Possibly we can scrape or scrub new or current data? Listings could be upgraded to “featured”. Allow for adsense in design and also the ability to sell these spots to actual business owners under their cuisine category page: ex.

2. Multi-site WP installation for sub-directories for those wanting their own website. Need a recommendation on what plugins to offer standard. Security, backups, contact forms, etc. This could be the same website above or on a stand alone URL whatever works / integrates better. To automate the hosting and billing portion, I’d have the license to use WHMCS billing and hosting software.

3. I had the online ordering system developed from scratch a couple years ago in PHP. I need someone to review it, examine it’s functionality, figure out if its worth keeping and / or tweaking then bring me a suggestion based on their findings. This somehow needs to integrate with the Multi-Site WP installation above or on customer’s own existing website. Maybe a plugin could accomplish this???

4. All packages need to have the ability to offer coupons, monthly or annual payment plans with discounts.

Overall: I’d like to create a clean wordpress framework that I could use on multiple industries. For example, I’d like to first set up a restaurant online site, then use the same core files and create another site for lawyers, automotive, etc. The main framework would be the same, however the look and feel for each theme and the options to customize each theme would be different. Also there would be different domains for each industry.

My goal would be to create a dynamic and strong framework on which many templates could be added or removed by me based on the industry. For now, I’d like to start with Restaurants then move on to Attorneys, Automotive Repair, etc. The core framework will not change only the front end cosmetics. I’d like a global way to manage updates, themes, etc. The main framework would be the same, however the look and feel for each theme and the options to customize each theme would be different. Also there would be different front end domain for each industry, ex. for restaurants and for auto, and so on and so forth. So when there’s a WP update or a bug in the framework, it can be changed globally so I don’t have to update the each theme individually. I’m all about easy of use and simplicity. I want everything automated and running without human intervention (or very limited).

There are many smaller details left out, but I feel this gives you an summary of the project at hand.

Any detailed ideas or modules or plugins I could use to get me started or perhaps you of someone who could do this for me – anything would be helpful!