How do I create a Membership login page?

Hello there:

So I did see a number of topics on this question out there, but I found them somewhat confusing and I don't know if I'm doing something initially wrong here.

First, I setup Membership plugin and added a menu link that sent a non-logged in member to the /wp-login.php page. If an existing member then tried to log in it sent them to these ugly backend area which was confusing and we definitely did not want that. What we want is for the member, upon login, to go to /member-resources page.

I then created a new page called Member Login and tried using the Memberships Login Widget because I saw that it had a redirect feature, but the widget would not display after repeated attempts.

Please let me know how best to proceed. We don't care how we do it, but we just want a non logged in member to go somewhere, log in, and be sent to the Member Resources page.