How Do I Create a Sign-Up Form for Two Member Levels

Here is the issue: I need to set up the registration/sign-up process for my social network.

1. Two levels of user: (1) A free level ("Member") that allows for full usage of the Buddypress network (excluding the ability to create groups), and (2) a paid level ("Author") that allows for full usage of the BuddyPress network with the ability to create groups AND the option to create a blog/website (Pay to blog) on the network (including ability to DNS map an existing domain name they may have).
2. Sign-up page must be simple and intuitive to use for the member, so no jumping all around. As they select options, the form should respond.
3. For the paid "Author" level, the form should allow for all options to set up their website, they shouldn't need to get into the back-end to create and set up their website.
4. Multiple options for billing (Paypal or Credit Card).

Other Info:
1. I have Gravity Forms and am happy to utilize it for this sign-in form, but may need help mapping all of the fields.
2. I have Membership, Pro-Sites, and Domain Mapping available on the site, need to know how best to use/combine them to get the desired result.

So, how do I go about setting this up?

  • aristath

    Hello there @jetmac, I hope you're well today!

    You can use the membership plugin to restrict access to the BuddyPress features that you want.
    From then on, you will have to create a custom sign-up template for users to create a new site, adding a conditional in there that will check their membership level and only allows paid members to create a new site.
    Usin the New Blog Templates plugin you have a preset site ready for them with all the default options, theming, some demo content etc predefined. Of course they'll be able to change all that, but at least they 'll have a working site without any trouble.

    I hope that helps!


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