How do I create a subsite for testing?

How do I create a subsite for testing?
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  • James Dunn

    Goodday @grace

    I don't use CPanel or Plesk, so if you have either of those, I'm not 100% sure how to do it using those. But, my method should work even with them.

    I use my FTP software to create subdirectories for each one that I want/need. So if you have 10 themes you want to try, you could create subdirectories,, etc until you get 10.

    Then, follow the instructions in the WordPress Codex for setting up MultiSite if you have not already and you should be good to go. Personally, I would not do a subdomain install for testing because you may have to get your host involved. Using subdirectories is quick and easy.

  • James Dunn

    Goodday @grace

    I waited to see if anyone else responded because I didn't want to seem self-serving. But, since no one has responded in 6 hours, I'll give you a brief overview (as I understand it).

    Many of us in WPMUDev are on a points system whereby we receive 1 point for every post that we write (I'll explain that "many" in a moment). When someone is helpful, it's up to the person being helped (or a staff member) to determine the value of that help and whether it deserves just a "Like" or it deserves some Rep Points to be awarded.

    For example, in this thread, you should determine the value of advice you received and how many points to give for that advice. I've received from 1 to as many as 5 points for advice like I gave you in this forum. I've also received 10 points, 20 points, 30 points, and as much as 40 points - but to receive that number of points it needs to be much more than advice. I've received those points when I basically took a support issue "off forum" and dug into someone's WP installation to help solve their issue. Lots of times these seem to center around integration with FB - not sure how I get those, but I guess it's because they excite me a little. :wink:

    However, be stingy with your points - not to the point of being selfish, but to the point of making sure you give them away for truly helpful advice.

    Why? Because when you give points, they come from your points accumulation.

    Under that system, it takes 1,000 points to gain a lifetime membership. But, it's not just 1,000 small posts such as "That's good" or "I like this." Of that 1,000 points, you have to have received 400 of them from other users (staff or general population) and at least 10 different people have to have awarded them to you. So, regardless of how good your help was, if you had 600 points personally accumulated, I could not just award you 400 points and BOOM! you are a lifetime member.

    Finally, WPMUDev has the final say-so on Lifetime Membership, so even if you've met all the other requirements, there may still be a delay in getting your Lifetime Membership. Or, on the flip side, they have the ability to award Lifetime Membership early or for special circumstances.

    Back to "Many"

    O.K. I said that "many of us" are on that track. About a month back, there was a discussion thread running and it was revealed that a new points system is/will be enacted. These are preliminary guidelines as I remember them from the thread and I'm certain they are subject to change as the details are ironed out. BTW, I AM NOT WPMUDev staff, so nothing I say can be construed as concrete or binding.

    Under the proposed changes, there would be a minimum number of characters/words required to even get points. This would stop giving credit for the "Thank You." and the "Me too." posts. But, as long as you met the minimum character count, you will receive 2 points for the post.

    At that time, you saw the "Like" function show up. Basically, the concept is that when someone "Likes" your post, you will receive 1 point for that.

    Sounds good so far, doesn't it? You should get to 1,000 points very easily. Well, that will also change. You will now need 2,000 points, but it will be much easier to accumulate them as you will be getting 2 points per post PLUS "Likes" will get you points.

    Also, there will be other ways to garner extra points that will be revealed as the "master plan" is developed. There will still be the requirement for points from a certain number of individuals, but I think that is still a fluid concept.

    Additionally, there will probably be a requirement to remain active in the Dev forum in order to keep your lifetime membership. That would mean that you would need to accumulate a number of points each year just to remain active. I personally don't see that as a problem because if you're not active, you probably don't necessarily need the lifetime membership.

    Finally, there was discussion of a reduced cost in subsequent years for those accumulating an amount such as 1/2 the required points for lifetime membership.

    Of course, as I said, this is all still fluid and it's still up the WPMUDev staff to make all final decisions. But, I hope this is helpful to you.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @grace

    I would just like to add to what James said about the reputation point system.

    If you have only few points and someone helps you, especially some major assistance, even just a thank you will do or a few points. It is at the end of the day your choice how much you give to say thank you and most people provide support because they want to help and not just for points alone.

    As a staff member I personally prefer a thank you rather than points as I don't need points, but a thank you goes a long way and just makes my day. So use your own judgement. If you read a post and you like it, just click on the 'Like' button. Many ways to say thank you, so you pick the one that is best for you :slight_smile:

    Have fun and all the best with your projects!


  • James Dunn

    Goodday @grace

    Sorry if I confused you here. You should still be able to do it with FTP even if you have cPanel, but I didn't know if there was an easier way in cPanel.

    Here's a quick post on how to do it in cPanel:

    Doesn't seem any easier because they're using the File Manager which does the same thing as the file manager function in my FTP package.

    Good luck.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • Mark Wallace


    Yes, I am still learning the system... but I can do that! Also, I use cpanel... can someone elaborate on the process of creating subsites with cpanel?

    I totally feel you! I just started using FTP a few days ago. I always considered it to mean “Forget This Process” It is very simple to use and I do recommend you learning it.

    But I too love my quick install and file manager. So here is what I do for test sites.
    Buy a new domain .info cost the least. Try a place like www. aecnu. Org and set the new domain to your current server or you can get one from there as well. Then go to your cPanel and do the addon domain thing. Then wait about 6 hours and just upload a new wordpress install there.

    If you don’t want to use multisite the just create a new subdomain and install wordpress there. If you have any question just ask.
    Thanks Grace!

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    I agree with @MTB1701, @grace :slight_smile:

    Try using an FTP client, like FileZilla. Once you're used to it, it's a lot easier than opening a browser and logging into your hosting to make file changes. And especially for testing purposes. I add, delete, add, delete until I get what I want. And this process is a lot easier when using FTP.

    Here is the FileZilla link, in case you want to give it a try. Just click on the green 'Download' button :slight_smile:

    Have fun.


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