How do I create Anchor Links on a page using Upfront?

I'm wondering how to create anchor links in the Upfront editor. I can see how you can set the link to an anchor point... but in the dropdown list to link to there's nothing there, and I'm not sure how to create the other end of the anchor.
The page I'm working on is here: - and basically the page has a lot of content so I want to create 'quick links' up the top that users can click to get through to the part of the article they want quicker using anchor points.
Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Milan

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    As our valuable member @Alex informed you the trick you can use to achieve this. Here is how you can do it with upfront.

    #1) First of you need to make your elements as anchor element which can be targetting by other elements to link to it. To do so edit any element described in attached screenshot.
    #2) After assigning element an anchor id you can not easily reference that element by its anchor id. and that particular id will be also shown in the dropdown list. Again you can reference attached screenshot for this too.

    I hope this helps you.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

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