How do I create multiple custom, private MRSS feeds?

My goal is to create a wordpress website that will allow my team to "create a new post" complete with a media url and all necessary metadata. In this post the editors will include the URL for a video hosted on Amazon s3, the video title, description, category, tags, etc...

These posts must be available in XML format (with all custom fields in tact) once published and available for our partners to download via the MRSS feed.

How do I create custom fields for each post/video? The custom fields are static and do not change from partner to partner. Also, is there anything special I can do to make these MRSS feeds private so only our syndicated partners can see them?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Patrick!

    Some of this will be very simple to do, some of it I'm not so sure about.

    To give your team the power to create new posts, simply give them all author accounts through your dashboard. Authors don't have the full access Admins do, but they're allowed to do more than Contributors, who can't post video or publish their own content.

    The features you want for your video posts are standard in the default post editor, so if you didn't want to take the extra steps to create a post template, you'd still get just the functionality you want.

    If you would like to create some restrictions for what your team can and can't do with the standard post format, you might find Custom Press is what you're looking for.

    As for MRSS feeds, I'm struggling to find a good WP solution. There are a handful of plugins out there, but the most recent one hasn't been updated in four years. Exporting in XML isn't an issue, there are several plugins that will support that for you, but creating a private MRSS feed may not be possible without some expert intervention.

    Thanks for contacting us!

  • Patrick

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    The bit about granting my editing team author status is something we already have completed. Just wanted to make sure I provided enough context regarding the problem we are running into.

    I have looked into custom press, but am quite confused by what it can actually do. Is there a simplified guide available for those of us who are less technical in nature?

    Regarding making the MRSS feed private, would a potential solution be to create a multisite network on the wordpress site and create logins for each partner? This way I could provide them with an MRSS dashboard/portal with their content, while still maintaining that they need a login in order to view the MRSS.

    Not sure if the MRSS can be made private or if there is another better way to surface our content to allow easy access to a video file with all associated meta data.

    Thanks for your help. As I progress through this problem, I will revisit this thread with relevant questions.

    Hopefully I can get this done and get out of your hair ASAP.

  • Michelle Shull

    The first time I installed Custom Press to test it, it scared the freckles off me, so I completely understand. Once you dig it, it's actually a lot easier to manage than it looks.

    What Custom Press does is allow you to create a particular type of post, by allowing you to turn features you don't want off, while leaving everything you do want intact. So, ideally, you could create a custom type that only allowed your Authors to post the video and the information you want included. This guide is pretty good:

    Your solution may work. I'm not sure if you'd need to be that robust about it, however. You could use Membership on a single site, instead of building a network, to protect that content from anyone not on that membership level, which you could set up for the network you want to distribute it to. Technically, that plugin is set up to sell levels, but you could easily use it to manage access.

  • Patrick

    Hi Michelle,

    I ended up removing multi-site and diving in head first with custom press. In order to keep the content protected I am using the Membership Pro plugin.

    Your response has given me a ton of work to do. Now that I am a bit further along, I have hit a quick snag that maybe you can help me with. On the membership pro plugin I am in the options section. Under the registration page, I have created a "registration" page with hopes of giving people the ability to signup for my site.

    For some reason the membership registration page redirects to the subscriptions page. Not sure why this is happening. Hopefully this is a quick fix.

    Thanks for all of your help!


  • Patrick

    One other quick question. I changed the membership permissions for my membership admin account from every box checked to just super user (made an assumption that superuser would include permissions to see the membership premium plugin options.) Unfortunately, now on the membership premium plugin I am now unable to see the membership plugin options.

    I very much need your help as this is a debilitating error.

    I realize this was an extraordinarily dumb mistake, but am totally stumped as I can't access any of the membership premium plugin options.



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