how do I Customize the Dashboard per user when they log in

I would like to customize the dashboard for the user to show them their latest info. A list of sites they can go to etc. Can i do this with the Custom Dashboard Widget or will it only show the same thing for every person logged in. I am hoping I can have it show that users info

I am sure there is a way to get this done.

Any info will help.

Thank you in advance,



    Hello @Clay

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    I am afraid currently it will only show static content that you will put from network admin. So apparently, all the site admins will see same text.

    But I believe you can show them their site list and it needs custom coding by editing the plugin.

    If you are open with this, let me know I can try it, but can't confirm



    Hey Ash,

    I am doing well, thank you for asking. How are you?

    I honestly think I was going about it all the wrong way. I love what mpmudev has but the way I built my site as you may know, each site has its own user dashboard. So a user would go to the city select a service and that service is a sub site with a theme. That theme has its own user area.

    All that being said... I guess Ill ask for your opinion. I think I should do two things 1)make it easy for that user to be able to have the same login and username for each theme/service.
    2) Try and keep them logged into the site as much as possible.

    So having a dashboard like that does no good.

    is there a way that I can allow them to copy their user profile to each site/service? I know I can export/import users. if so what if they dont want to be a member of each service? Any thoughts on this?

    I think I can keep them logged in using a plugin wpmudev has.

    Well any thoughts would help. I am close to launch and want to make it as easy as I can on the user.

    Thank you in advance,