How do I decide whether to ignore or spam a user/ip with Anti-Splog?

I have Anti-Splog installed and love the concept.

I am a little confused about how to use it effectively though.

Suspected Blogs


If a blog appears on the Suspected Blogs list, but has had no posts, how can I determine whether I should Ignore or Spam?

If I want to mark as spam, how can I decide whether it is appropriate to spam the blog, all blogs tied to IP, or all blogs tied to that user? What should be the thought process here?

Recent Splogs


If a blog shows up in Recent Splogs, and a user never challenges this, should I ever question this myself? I noticed that there are occasions when a blog is spammed upon signup with no posts.

Should I just assume that the IP was from that of a spammer?



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    Hi Scott, the idea is you leave the blogs in the suspect blog list until you are sure. Normally if they have no posts I will click on the Domain URL to see if it has any links in the blog roll or if it has replaced the Hello World with a spam post.

    If it isn’t obvious then I’ll keep it in the suspected blog list. If it definitely isn’t a splog then I’ll click ignore.

    However, if it is definitely a splog then I’ll click on the Spam next to Registered IP (please note this can take some time to load). Reason for the IP address is that sploggers more often create multiple splogs from the same IP address but with different usernames. If you also set to spam User when spamming splog it will stop them creating more against that username. You change this setitng in Anti-splog > Settings

    We don’t check the Recent splog list on Edublogs because for us that would be too time consuming and on Edublogs it is incredibly accurate at spamming them correctly. Our users are also quite good a completing the splog reveiw forms. However, if you are only having a small number spammed per day you could just monitor. It is normally pretty easy to spot the legitimate blog from a splog.

    Hope this informaton has helped.

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