How do I delete users/email addresses?

Hi all

How do I remove users and their email addresses so that I can repeatedly test the signup process? If I delete the user, the email address remains somewhere in the database and wont allow me to use it to register again.


  • Zyniker
    • WordPress Warrior

    Deleting the user should remove the associated email address from your database. What plugins are you currently using? One of them might be preventing additional signups from the same email address.

    On a related note: I have a catchall set up on a domain that is used strictly for testing purposes, that way I can simply create any email and it will work. You might want to consider that if you use a lot of different email addresses for testing purposes.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    is this a multisite?

    if so, then you need to remove the user via the network dashboard, if you just remove the user via the main site or any site, it will just remove them from that site only. all users on a multisite are network users.

    but if any of these users aren't activated, then they might still have an entry in the wp_signups table, which you will need to delete using phpmyadmin.

    hope this helps.

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