How do I develop an Upfront them behind the scenes?

Hi there,

I saw the new update for Upfront themes ( mainly about how you can use them in a multisite environment and not have the end user change the layout). However, the theme I use for my main site is not an upfront theme. How do I go about developing the upfront theme without changing my default theme and working on it through that way, so that way end users can select the upfront theme if they shall wish?

Please, let me know if that doesn't make sense. :slight_smile: Thank you.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Blake,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm really glad you like our Upfront theme, let me please then explain what "User restrictions" are about. As you already mentioned, there's a tool now included that let you decide which user-roles are able to edit Upfront (on different levels).

    This is a great tool but it's on "per-site" level, as well as Upfront layout. This means that if you activate Upfront theme on "main site" and "sub site 1" of your Network then you'll be able to edit layouts "independently". Therefore you are not able to edit Upfront using main site the way that admins of sub-sites would then enable it on their site's as already edited.

    Our developers are working on a tool that will let you create Upfront "starter" (child) theme (just like Spirit, Fixer, Scribe etc) with Upfront and then export it so it could be used the same way as any of our own Upfront "starter" themes. This is already at very advanced stage and I hope should be released quite soon. I believe this is what would solve the problem here.

    I'm not able to give you an ETA on this though but hopefully this feature will be released soon.

    If you have any further questions (or I just misunderstood you) please let me know!

    Best regards,

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