How do I direct a menu header in a theme to a domain and not a page?

How do I direct a menu header to a domain and not a page?
i.e. menu on site says "help & support" but it doesn't take you to "" but it takes you to ""


  • Todd Heitner
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    I may be misunderstanding your question, but if you so you can clarify.

    I'm guessing that you have created a custom menu on your site with a menu item for "help & support". Do you have a page on your site by that name that it's currently linking to? And you have a subdomain site set up that you want it to point to instead?

    If so, you can go to the Custom Menus section by going to:
    Appearance -> Menus

    You should see your menu items on the right panel, including the one you want to change. Since it's currently pointing to an internal page, to create one to a different site you'll need to use the "Custom Links" section.

    For the URL, enter the one you mentioned, such as and the Label "help & support" and click Add to Menu.

    Drag it to whatever position you want it to be in on the menu, and you can delete the old menu item that linked to a page on your site.

    If I misunderstood your question, please clarify.


  • Grace
    • Syntax Hero

    You got it right... that is my question. I tried doing what you suggested before asking and it didn't work, and I tried again after. I'm really not sure why it's not working. Do you have any suggestions? I created these menus by creating pages, but when I go to appearance>menu and create one, it does not show up on the menu bar in the theme.

  • Todd Heitner
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I don't see a menu item by the name "help & support".

    When you say it didn't work, what exactly happened?

    When you click to add the custom menu item, do you see it added to the panel on the right? Are you making sure you click the button to save your changes after adding it?

  • Todd Heitner
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    OK, I see. The problem is that your site is not using your custom menu.

    In the Theme Locations section (top left panel), for the Logged In navigation section, you'll need to select your custom menu (Help & Support) from the drop down menu and click Save.

    However, the only item you have in this custom menu is the Help & Support link so all your other menu items (Home, Members, Pro Site, etc.) will disappear unless you add them to your custom menu.

    The custom menu tool is not meant to just add items to the existing menu but to replace it. So you'll need to add menu items for any pages you want to be part of this menu.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Wow @Todd Heitner is hard at work this evening helping out :slight_smile:

    I love it!

    Thanks :slight_smile:

    Grace you have already received A+ support, seems I'm not useful here :slight_smile: But will keep my eye out here to learn from Todd as well :slight_smile:

  • camparoo
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Grace!

    First off, on the top left-hand corner, you'll want to select your custom menu for both logged in and not logged in users. If you later want to create different menus for each, that's easy to do, but for now you'll at least want some kind of menu available! Make sure you click the 'save' button in this area before proceeding.

    Below the area where you add a custom link (on the left), you should see a list of your pages with check-boxes next to them. Check the boxes on the pages you want in your navigation, and then drag them into the order you seek. Make sure you save this section as well, and then check your site. All of your navigation links should be in place!

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