How do I disable Easy Blogging when it is forced on for all user levels?

Hi! I turned on Easy Blogging and set it up to "force" its use by ALL user levels. But now I need to turn it off for the Admin level and I can't find any link to do that. Help! When I turned on the Force feature, all the options to manage the plug-in disappeared completely.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings clienttech,

    Thank you for bringing this item to our attention.

    There is no way to turn it off without resetting the plugins settings entirely.

    Here is a quick way to reset all your Easy Blogging settings.

    In your wp-content/mu-plugins folder (create one if it doesn't already exist), create a file named "wdeb_reset_options.php" and paste this code in the file:

    <?php function wdeb__reset_options () { $data = new Wdeb_Options; $data->set_options(array(), 'wdeb'); } add_action('admin_init', 'wdeb__reset_options');

    The first time you visit any of your admin pages after this, your settings will be erased.

    After you reset your settings in this way, you'll want to delete the file you just created first (because if you don't, it'll just keep on resetting your Easy Blogging settings), then reconfigure the plugin.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Timothy
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    Hey there.

    Sorry we missed your post, this was due to it being on an older thread.

    Always best to create your own to ensure we don't miss it. :slight_smile:

    Are you not able to access the Easy Blogging settings:

    Admin --> Network --> Easy Blogging

    You should be able to change the settings there.

    To deactivate the plugin you can also log into your host with FTP and remove the plugin folder, that would revert back to default WP. Wasn't totally sure what you wanted, so thought I'd mention this too just in case.

    If you have further questions or need more help then it might be best if you open your own, even if the issues seem closely related. That way it will remain independent of this one and ensure it doesn't confuse issues here if this thread needs reopening again by the author.

    Posting on old threads can also lead to us missing your questions.

    It also means the member who started this thread or anyone following it isn't inundated with post notifications each time we respond to each other. A lengthy thread could annoy the original

    This also allows us to better track and answer your questions to ensure we don't miss any for ya.

    You can start a new thread here:


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