How do I disable messages shown at the top of some plugins-without direclty modifying the plugin its


I have some plugins that I want to use-- however they show these large promotional messages- I want to use the plugins as they are(without changing the plugins)-- however I also dont want the promotional message(shown at the top) from being shown.

Is it possible for me to create a plugin that basically removes such promotional 'blurbs'? And leaves the rest of the plugin(ie its functionality) intact?


  • Alexander

    Any promotional messages would be coming from the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin. Usually these are just notifications about new plugin releases, and plugins that might interest you. Other notifications include messages about out of date plugins, or messages specifically from a plugin regarding something that need to be addressed.

    So yes, it's possible to remove them, but you won't be able to do it by creating another plugin. You would instead have to manually modify the code, which would be overwritten when the plugin updated.

  • Alexander

    Correct, It's only showed to super admins who actually have the ability to perform updates. If you're logged in as a normal blog admin you won't see the message.

    Also, plugins are stored in one place for the entire network. So when a plugin is updated, it gets applied to all the sites. Now it might affect each site differently based on the plugins settings. But the files themselves can only be updated from the Network admin dashboard. Users won't be able to update plugins themselves.

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,
    Alexander Rohmann

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