How do I display a buddypress forum on a multisite site OTHER than the main site?

Hi there,

I am running a multisite network with what I guess is quite a complex structure.

–Skip this part if it’s not necessary–

The main site is the central service of the network. The other sites on the network are basically there as lead generators to get people to hear about the service and become a user of the network.

The main site offers one main service and the other sites each have separate but related uses/services.

However, I am bringing the network together as a whole in that users have one account to access all services.

Kinda like how you can log into other Amazon services with your same user/pass.

-I have Buddypress enabled (called BP from here)


-I have set up a BP Group with the same name as each site on the network ie has a BP group called ‘Site 2’ – This BP is the only group available to be seen on *

*meaning it’s the only thing I’ve added to the navigation

However I’ve also set up a site simply called ‘community’ that will act as the central hub of community activity across the network:

This site displays ALL BP Groups (ie it appears to the user to aggregate the community content from all other sites into one handy place) it is also the home of the articles, blogs and other general content related to the niche.

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This system seems to work very well but for one snag: Forums.

BP Forums will only seem to display on the main site ( in the network but nowhere else. However, I would like them to display on the site also.

I can’t even see anything about forums in the Buddypress options other than on the main site.

Any ideas how to do this?