How do I display custom fields?

I’m trying to add custom fields to my directory listings, and I’m not able to get the fields to display.

When creating the listings, I went down to the Custom Fields section, the “Add New Custom Fields” subsection, added the fields I wanted (phone number, address, website), assigned values to those fields, and clicked the “Add Custom Field” button. Those fields are now shown above the “Add New Custom Fields” subsection, so I’m guessing I did that correctly.

I’ve been reading about custom fields, and I know I need to add a template tag to the loop, and that’s where I get confused. Somewhere, I read that in Directory, I would need to alter the single.php file, so I went to my cPanel / directory / themes / default, and opened single.php. I’ve inserted:

<?php the_meta(); ?>

into the file, above:

</div><!– end #content –>

and that hasn’t worked. Is there somewhere else that I’m supposed to add the tag, or am I even using it correctly?

Is there something I’m supposed to write in the text of the listings to tell them to display the custom fields?

Thanks for your help.