How do I do simple PayPal setup in Marketpress

I installed and did the setup for the products shipping etc. I am having difficulty in payment setup. I want to use normal PayPal but it has PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal pro. And the easier one being PayPal Expresscheckout. Is there no option where I can just input the PayPal Email and that will do it instead of have to use a business or premier account and the APIs input as in some cases my client wont be willing to upgrade their personal account to business or premier account or giving me access to their account to have its API setup done.

I used WP ECommerce in past for many projects and also a number of other ECommerce setups like Virtuemart for Joomla but none of them had such restricted PayPal system to use.

Looking forward to have some help on it. May be I am missing seeing the easy setup there which is hidden from my eyes.