How do I do this? Video Set up. What Plugin?

In short, I need to display videos on my site.
Just like on WPMU
I dont see a plugin for this.
How did you guys and gals do it?


  • DavidM
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    Hi Jason,

    There's not a plugin that handles that here specifically. The theme developers have provided all that's needed for everything displayed on the page and here's a great article detailing the process essentially being used.

    Restricting access to those videos is a whole other story though. For that you could use Membership to restrict access to the page(s) on which the videos are displayed.

    As for the grid-based display, I really don't know any methods of doing that except by coding up a grid with css or using the Excerpts+ Leaf for Headway theme (which is the method I use for things like that).

    Hope that helps!


  • Jonathan
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    This might be overkill, but in the past have found this software a vital aspect to showing video content on multiple sites. It basically is a self hosted video content management system or you use their hosted verison - It uses amazon s3 and comes with a commercial license of flowplayer (your own watermarked logo) and so many features its hard to list them all...

    It does come with a price tag, but the fact that it hides the actual video path saves bucket loads of cash in bandwidth and theft etc.

  • JasonG
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    Appreciate the responses here. The video page will be a subscription required option with the membership plug in. Will a direct path work anyway if they are not logged in? From what I understand you dont have to show the direct path.

    But there isnt any reason why I can just code in something that looks decent with some html?


  • Jonathan
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    Will a direct path work anyway if they are not logged in?

    Yes. Usually members put those links all over the internet and you wake up with a monster bill the next morning. But s3 allows you to protect those links too, link remains live for x amount of time before expiring. The hidden link part is just an extra safety measure. Look the videos are going to be stolen / copied, that is a given. But just trying to limit any other costs (bandwidth etc) that might creep up because of theft isn't a bad idea :wink:

    I can just code in something that looks decent with some html

    Then this might interest you, really simple player.
    Free flash flv/mp4 player

    Flowplay and JW are great, but you need to buy a commercial license if you are using those players in a membership site.

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