How do I duplicate / clone a subsite as another subsite on my multisite network?

I have a subsite that I would like to duplicate/clone as another subsite on my multisite network. I need to be able to make changes to the clone site without affecting the original subsite.

So to clarify, my client (the owner of the subsite) wants to make a bunch of changes to his site like changing themes and adding plugins but he doesn’t want it to affect his current site, then once he is happy with the changes he would like this second site to become “live” and replace the original. So basically I need to copy his pages, posts, custom post types, plugins and his theme settings etc…

I have the Multisite Content Copier plugin installed and have been looking at this to do what I am looking for. However, I am confused exactly how to do this… because it appears that I can only choose to copy either pages, posts, custom post types, plugins but not everything…

Am I missing something obvious here?

If this is not how this plugin was intended to be used could you possibly recommend a plugin for me?

Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter!

**STAFF UPDATE** You can now duplicate/clone your WordPress subsites with our new Cloner plugin:

Read more about Cloner in our intro blog post :slight_smile: New From WPMU DEV: Cloner, the Site Cloning Plugin for WordPress Multisite