How do I edit the capabilities of specific member groups

In my app, which is similar to a university, there is a professor membership (free) and a student membership ($1/month).

Students pay for access to the entire university. We want students to have communications with their professors

I want to set up a Professor user type. This user should only be able to use a few of the plug-ins, like calendar, posts (lessons), chat, newsletter, etc.

How do I restrict their access to certain plug-ins?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Scott,

    I hope you're having a nice day!

    By "Professor user type" do you mean membership or a WP user role? Assuming it's a user role, you should be able to achieve this kind of protection using multiple methods (most likely at once):

    1. On "Membership 2" -> "Add-ons" enable the "Admin Side Protection" and "URL Protection" add ons:
    This will allow you to limit access to the dashboard parts on a basis of memberships if necessary

    2. On "Membership 2" -> "Add-ons" enable the "Member Capabilities" add on:
    This will allow you to "map" user roles to the memberships

    3. Finally, to restrict access on the level of particular plugin, you may either switch "Member Capabilities" add on to an "Advanced Capability protection" or use a User Role Editor plugin.

    Both this solutions will allow you to restrict access on a "capability level". The first one will let you assign this access to the selected membership, the second one works purely on "user role" level. However, you'll need to find out some capabilities that are specific to the plugins.

    I hope that helps!

    Kind regards,

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