How do I enable google analytics ecommerce for Marketpress Multisite globally

We are using marketpress on a multisite installation. It's a marketplace. We also have Google Analytics Version 2.1 | By Ivan Shaovchev, Andrey Shipilov, Hakan Evin (Incsub).
We'd like to track ecommerce data using google analytics from all our subsites.
If I didn't misunderstand previous posts I read about ecommerce tracking - they don't deal with multisite installation. Also, as I understand Google Analytics Version 2.1 should be compatible with integrated Marketpress ecommerce Google Analytics..
How do I enable ecommerce tracking networkwide? Is there a global variable that I can define? Or do I have to go to each store and enable it manually?

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Yes, you'll have to enable it under store settings on a per-site basis.
    I'm sorry I was a bit vague on my previous response.

    However, I'm sure that with a bit of custom coding you should be able to hard-code the setting to be permanently tuned on.

    I've tried to do it myself without success though, so I have pinged the plugin developer so that he may help us out on this one.


  • Aaron
    • CTO
    add_filter('mp_setting_ga_ecommerce', 'force_mp_ga');
    function force_mp_ga($setting) {
    return 'new';

    This should do it in a network activated plugin.

    Note this only adds to the subblog GA code _gaq.push(["b._addTrans". If you are wanting to track to your global GA profile it would take core edits to the create_ga_ecommerce() function to replace the "b" with "a". _gaq.push(["a._addTrans" I think.

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