How do I ensure there are no conflicts between pages on main site and subdirectory sites?

I have a multisite setup using subdirectories, and it isn't clear to me how to avoid conflicts between pages on the main site and the names of the subdirectory sites. So when I have a sub-site named "site2" it is located at "," but what happens if a user on the main site tries to create a page called "site2," which would normally get the same address "" Similarly, what if I already have a page on the main site at," and then I try to create a new site called "page 1"? Will Wordpress prevent me from creating a page/site with a new already used? give it a different name? or overwrite the existing file/site at that location?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mark,

    I hope you're having a nice day and thank you for your question!

    The "sub-folder" install is a little bit more "complex" in that area than the sub-domain based one :slight_smile:

    In case of posts there's no chance of conflict here. All the posts posted on main site are by default under the URL "" and you cannot register the site under "blog" unless you change "blog" to something else.

    As for pages.

    If a "" site already exists and you try to create a page named "abcdef" on the main page, it will do the same with the slug as it does for existing pages: it will ad a number to the slug so the page URL will became e.g. "".

    The other way it may be actually an issue as the site would get created and would "overtake" the existing page. For example: if there is no "" subsite but there is the "" page on the main site, a "" sub-site created afterwards would override that page.

    That is why on "Network Admin -> Network Settings" page there's the "Banned Names" option. You can use it to limit names that could be used for sites.

    None of these issues occur in case of "sub-domain" setup, which is a preferred way to run Multisite :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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