How do I export (push) all existing Appointments to newly set up gCal

I have successfully been using A+. Today I successfully set up to use gCal to show all appointments. I can create a new appointment in both the frondend (website) or the backend (admin console) and it populates in gCal. Perfect so far! But, I cannot figure out how to PUSH the existing appointments into the new gCal calendar. To restate the issue: all NEW appointments show up and work perfectly.

ALL CURRENT appointments do not show up.

How do I get them to export/push to the calendar??

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @editor,

    That's a good question, Have you tried clicking the import and update events link in the appointments > settings > gcal page?

    If that doesn't work, then I don't think it will be possible to to update/sync appointments that were added & confirmed before you enabled gcal.

    Let me just ask the developer for some feedback on this for you.

    I also note that you are using an old version of the plugin, you might want to try updating (But i'm unsure whether it's possible in the newer releases either), hopefully the developer can clarify this for you.

    Hope this helps

  • Editor
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    It would be great for others if this feature could be added. I know it took me about 6 hours to get our calendar correct. For those interested here are the steps I followed.

    1. Exported all appointments to .csv file
    2. Imported csv into spreadsheet.
    3. Removed all completed appointments leaving just active ones
    4. Removed each appointment one at a time and then manually re-entered all the information. Not resending confirmation to client.

    Because they are recognized as NEW appointments they all will then show on calendar. Works great once this is done, but I recommend doing it before you have a long list of active appointments like we did. Its a bit time consuming, although I am glad we waited to integrate this with the calendar.

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