How do I find the "Product_ID" of a product?

On the ...
Products --> Store Settings --> Shortcodes (tab)
It tells me to... add the product_id (in this examaple #1)
[mp_product_meta product_id="1" label="Buy this thing now!"]

The Products page does not show ID on the products - it uses the posts slug.
And using "friendly" permalinks, I cannot look at the URL to find the post ID for a product.

How do I locate the product ID number that resides within the database?

I need an eassy way to locate the products ID, that I can pass onto my client.

I am using an already set up page and adding in the 'data' that was made within a "product' post.

I am using... test this site before moving to clients location.

The "page" I am referring to is...

and it is pulling the info from...

This all works fine on my local machine ( I retrieved the product ID from PHPMyAdmin)
But I must have an easy way to find the product ID for my client.