How do I fix the initial text display of a product to look like the display when it is clicked on?

I purchased MarketPress eCommerce to see if the upgrade would allow greater text display control. An example for the site is:

If look at first product ending with 3400, it will have a paragraph like description. If you click on product to get:

You will see the description broken up in lines.
The client would like it to display like this. I have tried simple
</br> in between sentences to no avail. I have also tried to bold certain parts of text.

Is there anything I can do here?

Thanks... Gavin

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    Hello Gavin,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    By default, WordPress will strip out any html tags from your post while preparing an excerpt. You can try to install a plugin like : and see if that helps.

    Please note that this plugin has not been tested with WordPress 3.5 so please ensure you take a backup before you try it out.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

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  • Gavin
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    Hello... I installed the suggested plug in to no avail. However, I would appreciate that you look at the attached screen as I now have the capability to display what the problem is in hopes that a solution can be provided.

    If you look at the top display of the product. It is a collection of words with no organized display. Clicking on the product through to order displays differently (the ideal way).

    Granted that Wordpress would strip any attempts to code, but how do I get it to display like this through default if this is displaying in default mode when clicked on.

    The link is:
    Adding to cart will present ideal display...

    I appreciate the attention this matter.

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    Hello, I created a shared folder that I sent to from DropBox:

    But I am not certain that it may reach you here.

    If you click on two links you will see what is going on.

    This is the overall display of the page. The 1st product 3400 displays the text like a paragraph. The client feels that the text looks 'jammed' When the below link is clicked, it takes you to a default setting of this product. The client would like this default display on 1 for all products on this page.


    After trying recommended plug in to see if I could custom display the page. It did not work. What can be done to get 1) to look like 2) in terms of display.

    Thanks and look forward to reply.


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    Hello Gavin

    Well that is the best I could find. Its displaying the excerpts on the page here

    and it should work fine with the other plugin I suggested.

    I am gonna need to have a look at your site to see what is going on there.

    Can you please send me your login details via our secure contact form

    1: Mark the email to my attention

    Attn: PC

    2: Include a link of this thread in the email

    3: Include FTP and WordPress super admin details.

    4: While filling the form, select "I have a different question" from the list.

    Looking forward for a response on this.


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    Hello Gavin,

    This is fixed.

    That is how I did it.

    1: Removed the excerpt plugin
    2: Added the excerpt in the excerpt field in MarketPress edit product page.
    3: If you notice, you were using the tag as

    I just changed the code from

    <strong>DESCRIPTION:</strong> TOYOTA Tacoma 96-98 6 CYL. 3400cc (3.4).<br\>
    <strong>PRICE:</strong> $16.99.<br\>
    <strong>KIT QUANTITY:</strong> 1.<br\>
    <strong>MINIMUM PURCHASE:</strong>1 Kits.<br\>
    <strong>SHIPPING TIME:</strong> 5 Business Days.<br\>
    <strong>WARRANTY:</strong> Standard Freeze Plug Limited Warranty*.


    <strong>DESCRIPTION:</strong> TOYOTA Tacoma 96-98 6 CYL. 3400cc (3.4).<br>
    <strong>PRICE:</strong> $16.99.<br>
    <strong>KIT QUANTITY:</strong> 1.<br>
    <strong>MINIMUM PURCHASE:</strong>1 Kits.<br>
    <strong>SHIPPING TIME:</strong> 5 Business Days.<br>
    <strong>WARRANTY:</strong> Standard Freeze Plug Limited Warranty*.

    and used the same code in product description and Excerpt field and you see the result here :

    Now you notice the more info which does not look nice so you just needed the Improved Simpler CSS plugin which I installed real quick and added a small CSS code as below

    a.mp_product_more_link {display : none !important}

    and the final result is here :

    Now you can repeat what I did for all the products and you should achieve what you were looking for.

    You do not need to repeat the CSS step as I have already added that.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

    Sales &Support

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