How do I float an img right/left in the pop up?

Hi, the other thing that doesn't seem to want to work is floating an image to the right or left within the pop up. You can check out an example here:

It doesn't pick up the class or something, even though it is floated right in the WP editor. Trying to further define "div#message .alignright" or "div#message img.alignright" with "float:right" doesn't seem to do the trick either…


  • aristath

    The reason the img element in your popup doesn't float to the left is because it's inside a link element and that link element is inside a separate paragraph element.
    Paragraphs by default do not float.
    I suggest you do NOT use the visual editor.
    Instead switch to the text editor and first of all delete the extra p elements that are around that image.

    You can also add style="float: left;" in that link like this (though I don't think it will be necessary once you delete the extra paragraph elements:
    <a href=".........." style="float: left;">.........</a>

    I hope that helps!


  • aristath

    Hmmmmm, yeah, maybe. As far as I understand it, if it works in normal WP, shouldn't it work in the pop up (although I am a pop up non-expert)? It's going to be easier to just use a small table in this case, I think. Thanks.

    Yes, it should.
    But that particular code doesn't work in normal WP either!
    the extra < p > elements in there indicate that perhpas the enter key was pressed when it shouldn't have.
    The popup editor works exacly like normal WP!


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