How do I get actually started after downloading?

Hi there! Okay, so bear with me. I just purchased your product and am ready to get started. I downloaded the zip file . . . but what do I actually open/click on to get started? Something on your website? Do I start in WordPress

Sorry, just a little confused. I promise not to be high maintenance forever.

I've not used WordPress before so I'm a few rungs down on the learning ladder from most folks.


  • Rupok

    Hi Anne Jablonski

    I hope you had a wonderful day and Merry Christmas.

    I can confirm one thing that you have made one of the best decisions of your life by thinking of making your site with WordPress. And we have lots of plugins and themes to make your experience better.

    For using our products (themes or plugins), you need to have a WordPress website first. I assume you already have one WordPress Site. If not, you can get detailed idea about how to Install WordPress on your site from this article:

    Now I suppose, you have purchased one of our plugins. In that case you have to install/upload that from your Dashboard of your site to make it work. You will get detailed idea about how you can use the zip file you purchases from us and install it on your site from this tutorial:

    And if you have purchased one of our themes, then you can follow this guide to install that zip file to activate the theme on your site:

    Though you didn't use WordPress before, don't worry at all. We are the best support team and we can help in any problem you face with your WordPress site. Whenever you face any problem, just post it in our forums. Our awesome support folks will help you to solve your problem.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Rupok

    Hi Anne

    I'm sorry if I could not make you understand. Actually for using our paid plugins, you need to have a self hosted WordPress site.

    As you said "I should have known I needed a WP account. I signed up for a free one", I assume you opened an account in But actually you will need to download the WordPress and configure and install it in your server.

    However, as you are new, I'll suggest you to install WordPress locally. If you are on Windows, you can follow this guide to install WordPress locally in Windows:

    If you are in Mac, you can follow this tutorial:

    When you are done installing WordPress in your own host/locally, you will be able to upload and install themes and plugins purchased from us.

    Please let us know if you have any further confusion. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Anne Jablonski


    Thanks for your help so far. Forgive me for being confused again - but I guess I had no idea that in order to use one of the WPMU templates I was also going to have to purchase server space. I've followed your helpful instructions and downloaded MAMP, but I'm concerned that I"m going down a path where I"m only going to get more confused.

    Can you help me to understand the next steps? So once I have this program on my own local drive called MAMP, how does it connect with the brand new WordPress site I'm creating? I'm a little worried here that this whole process isn't quite user-friendly enough for a non-developer who's accustomed to creating websites and publishing them from online platforms like SquareSpace or Weebly where there is an easy "publish" button, etc.

    Again - thanks for your patience with me So far I seem miles away from being able to start creating the website I wanted to create and customize one of the marvelous templates I saw when I first signed up for this. I'm finding the instructions for how to configure the "MAMP Pro" on my drive confusing - for example, the instructions say that once I've opened MAMP I should click on the preferences button to make adjustments. There is no "preferences" button.

    And if I'm reading the link sent earlier on “installing wordpress locally on your mac with MAMP” it describes MAMP as giving me tools for development and testing procedures.” And I guess I’m not understanding the most fundamental question - which is - “but where is it that I’m actually working in a CMS system creating the website?” Is this from a web link on the WordPress site? And where do all the files and templates I now have on my hard drive actually ‘go’?

    Forgive me for sounding exasperated, but I’m more than 24 hours into this and had really hoped to be focusing on content and design and I feel like I'm farther from that than ever before. I never thought of myself as tech-unsavvy before but it feels like I need to be 'a developer' to understand this and I'm not.

    I'm wondering if this was a not-wise purchase for someone who's not accustomed to operating with this level of complexity. Every time I think I'm a step closer to being able to create and customize a site, it seems there are many new interim steps that confuse me even more!

    I see that the "the full WPMU DEV experience in your WordPress dashboard – from instant access to brilliant support to one-click installation and upgrades for our complete plugin and theme catalog." Where is this dashboard? Does that exist on a website I log in to? Is that on my local drive? What's the relationship between that dashboard and where I create web content?

    I'm sorry for all the questions - again, thanks for your patience with me!



  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Anne,

    OK - if you bought domain and hosting (server space) - and you have something called "auto installer" for WordPress - then there is no need for you to use localhost environment.
    Here is detailed instruction how to install WP on your hosting with NameCheap. It will take you through the process of installing WordPress.

    Assuming that you do that - then first thing to install will be our Dashboard Plugin -
    Here is how: - please note you will use in step3 - alternative version.

    When you have Dashboard - you are ready to go! Just log in with your user name and password you use in the forum and you will get instance access for plugins and themes from WPMU DEV.

    kind regards,

  • Anne Jablonski

    Hi Kasia,

    Thanks much for your helpful reply. Since I already downloaded and paid for a localhost environment, I suppose I may as well start there.

    At the risk of testing the limits of your patience, may I ask for the next steps - now that MAMP is installed on my disk and running, what I do to actually launch it and get the WordPress dashboard up and running? The directions sent in the link you kindly sent earlier don't 'map' to what I'm seeing.

    I'm happy to pay for phone session if someone can talk me through this - I've reached the point where I'm 100 percent lost.



  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Anne,

    The directions sent in the link you kindly sent earlier don't 'map' to what I'm seeing.

    yes, because they for the auto installer on your hosting. On localhost you need to install everything manually (I know that MAMP PRO has also autoinstaller for the WordPress - but I stopped using mac, so I can't give you screenshots - - Extras).
    There is lots of tutorial how to install WordPress on localhost on youtube - maybe this way it will be easier for you to see how whole process is done (there are quite few steps that needs to be done).

    We do not offer phone support I'm afraid. Only forums and Live chats for quick problems

    But installing WordPress on your hosting with autoinstaller doesn't mean that you can't also install it on your computer.

    kind regards,

  • Anne Jablonski

    Hi - me again.

    So I've installed the WPMU dashboard as a plug-in on my WordPress site.

    I am still searching for how I get to the marvelous "upfront" drop and drag view to work with one of the starter themes. That was what first attracted me to WPMU - and while I've been slow to get started since I'm new to WordPress, local host server setup, etc., for the life of me now I can't seem to get to the "tantalizing text editing" and other features.

    When I go to install the “Spirit” theme on my WordPress site, I get a message that says “this site is not enabled for one-click installations. You may change which sites are enabled or upgrade to a higher membership level here.”

    What do I do next? If I click on the link to “change which sites are enabled” it takes me to a page where I don’t see any means of ‘upgrading’ or ‘enabling’ anything. The page I’m taken to (Update Notifications Sites) lists my one site (which currently is localhost:8888/wordpress) and it says that one plugin/theme is installed.

    Sorry to be a pest, but I simply want to start working with the “spirit” theme and can’t seem to get it launched and viewaable on my dashboard.

    Thanks again for your patience with me.


  • Joseph

    The screen shot above seems to be the WPMU Dashboard, not the WordPress Dashboard.
    The WPMU Dashboard will list all of the themes, even if they haven't been installed.
    The WordPress Dashboard that you get to when you log into WordPress, will show the themes that are actually installed.
    WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes >
    If the theme isn't showing as installed on that page, selecting the "Add New > Upload" should get you to where you can upload the zip file.

  • Anne Jablonski


    So I may not be a typical user, but for what it’s worth, here’s what I wish I had known before I started which would have made my getting to the point of finally working with one of the themes using Upfront a little smoother. Believe me, everyone has been wonderful in answering questions and I’m so grateful for the support, but I was so many rungs below on the ladder of knowledge that it’s taken me four days to get to the place that ideally should have taken less than an hour. Perhaps I’m just slower than most (but I don’t think so!) but since the spiffy website about Upfront and the themes are very appealing to those of us who are not WordPress savvy, finding a good way to convey what’s involved is a great way to get more customers who don’t become frustrated.

    I hope this feedback is helpful!

    So if I were telling someone considering using this but who has only used very “user-friendly/for dummies” platforms like Weebly or SquareSpace what they needed to know before starting, I’d mention:

    - The interface that you see (Upfront) and the themes are essentially overlays on top of WordPress. You will need to have WordPress operating already before you start. (I know this seems obvious to experienced folks, but the screenshots of the user-friendly Weebly-like interface led me to believe that it was an ‘all in one’ package).

    - If you don’t already have WordPress, if you want to work on a local host using MAMP, the best explanation of how to set that up is here: (Many of the other links leave out KEY steps like setting up a user or explain exactly HOW to copy the WordPress folder to the htdocs location). Missing from even these good instructions is the fact that there is no SAVE button when you make changes to your PHPMYADMIN settings - you simply hit “enter.”

    - Once that is set up and you launch WordPress, you will need to FIRST load the WPMU dashboard - that gets loaded as a PlugIn (that is NOT obvious in any of the documentation I saw; I hate to hunt for it); next, you will need to go to the WordPress dashboard (not the WPMU dashboard, which you intuitively go to) to load a theme called Upfront; then, and only then, will you upload the theme you’d like to work with.

    Again - I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received. I just thought perhaps reading my “for dummies” steps might help make things clearer for another user.

    All best,

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Anne,

    Thank you for your valuable input - maybe our descriptions are bit to much optimistic that our members are already WordPress users. This is indeed something to think about.

    next, you will need to go to the WordPress dashboard (not the WPMU dashboard, which you intuitively go to) to load a theme called Upfront; then, and only then, will you upload the theme you’d like to work with.

    No, that is not true. When you go to WPMU DEV Dashboard -> Themes and install any of the themes - Upfront will be automatically install with it. After installing theme just click activate and that's it. No need to upload Upfront separately.
    The error you saw it's because you didn't log into WPMU DEV Dashboard with your WPMU DEV login credentials (same you use on forum). After login you will be able to install all our plugins and themes.

    kind regards,

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