How do I get affiliate and membership working on my site

I've activated the affiliate and membership plugins.

I put the membership login widget in the column
but my pages are through optimize press and do not show the right column presently ( (or in the footer)

1. is there a way to create a page that affiliates and members can log in from?

2. i use the basic paypal buttons - do I set up paypal express or paypal single?

3. please walk me through this membership/affiliate setup process?
a) I can create a member - but don't see how I can turn them into affiliates; it seems I would have to sign out and log in as them.
But I don't know where the log in membership appears (see #1 above)

b) How I Will Use Plugins: after someone becomes an affiliate and they send people to my landing page, for a free teleseminar.
they people click the join button.
Then, during the free tele seminar I show them a url to join a paid program
they click that paid program button & the affiliate gets a percentage of the funds.
how do I make this happen?

and how do I choose the percentage of the sale that goes to the affiliate?

I need this working next week! Thanks for your quickest attention