How do I get Appointments+ to work with Infusionsoft?

I have a website called, and I am moving from another appointment service provider, appointmentcore, to appointments+.

I want to know if it's possible to do the following:

1. Allow dates of availability to be highlighted, such that when someone clicks on them, he or she is taken to my availabilty for said day, and then he or she chooses his time.

2. Am I able to block of certain times in the day, such that when a client comes, he or she sees that I'm not available? I think this is good so that people at least believe you're busy.

3. I want to be able to pass the information concerning the person who is making the appointment, over to Infusionsoft. The info that I want passed would be, name, email address, phone number, type of service and date and time of appointment. Once this information is passed to Infusionsoft, I would allow Infusionsoft to do the reminders, rather than Appointments+; I would prefer to not email anyone from my domain.

I have already spoken to the people at Infusionsoft about their part of the puzzle. I now just need to know if Appointments+ will be able to pass the information to Infusionsoft, while still updating my Google Calendar as well.