How do I get BuddyPress menu items onto a subsite's WordPress menu?

I'm running a WordPress Multisite network (with subdomains) as well as BuddyPress.

With the theme I'm using I have four WordPress menus available so in my (multisite) subsite I'm wanting to use one of the menus to have the same set of items that are available with BuddyPress: including Activity, Sites, Friends, Groups, Messages, Settings, Profile and Forums - plus their sub-items.

Is it possible?

I've created a Page called Activity and have attached it to the menu but it presents a blank page rather than the BuddyPress Activity page (which is what I want).

Is there a way of setting those BuddyPress items up on my subsite's menu, or is access to the BuddyPress items only available from the "Howdy <username>" area in the top-right corner of the site?

Thanks ... Michael